Smiles from Heaven


What  is  the  book  Smiles  from  Heaven  about?

When I was growing up I can recall listening to conversations from adults talking about relationships. Many times I heard the word soulmate. That word confused me at that age. I didn’t understand how two people were “destined” to meet each other and fall in love. I didn’t think that made much sense until it actually happened in my life. I met that magic girl that completed my life. Her name was Barbara.Smiles from Heaven is our story. 

It is the story of my soulmate who battled cancer and lost. It’s a story of a beautiful soul who looked to me for strength. The strength I tried so hard to provide and couldn’t. The book is a great reference point about grief and how to deal with the loss of someone you loved so very much. I handled my grief differently than others by expressing my love with writing on Facebook. Writing about my feelings helped me cope with the loss of my best friend so much. 

For those of you who are in the process of grieving, follow my trail and see the many stages of grief that I went through. Smiles from Heaven is a tremendous story about our life and love. Although the ending is sad, Smiles from Heaven can motivate and inspire others to move forward with their life.

~  David  A.  Bogart,  Author


I especially wanted to read this book in solitude....with a cup of coffee or tea...either sitting on my front porch in the early morning or curled up on the couch with my two dogs beside me. It took me quite a while to read it because I wanted to cherish and feel each and every word that was written....and I did.

Dave, reading your book, Smiles From Heaven, it placed me right beside you and Barbara. It was like I was accompanying you both all the way. It is your journal, your feelings, your journey and it takes us with you each and every step. You have an incredible talent for writing.

I found myself smiling , even chuckling at times like when the messenger or the person in your dream that you thought could have been Jesus and how he looked like Jerry Stiller ...and at times, I was fighting back tears that brimmed my eyes to big tears flowing down my 27 was the first of the big flowing tears...followed by page 32, your beautiful poem to your Babs....We know how this chapter in your life ended. So, be aware that occasional use of Kleenex is needed. But again, you will laugh and smile too. This is a wonderful, heartfelt, inspirational book. It helps to make you more aware of life, to value it, to value love and to value others.  Many of the things your wrote really hit home...for example, I know what it was like to sometimes to be “ Walking through life on eggshells.” and realizing later that “Significant issues become small issues, small problems become no problems”.

Your book is not only about grief and ways to handle it... it is more than that. It is a book about the importance of life and love, faith, courage and never giving up no matter. It’s a book of true love. It makes you want to hug your love ones and tell them you love them.  I cried when you told Barbara “it’s ok to go” and when you woke up at 3:10 am on May 29 to find that she left to go on her final journey for eternal life.  I loved reading about Gary and your love for each other. His love for coffee and turkey sandwiches...with mustard.

I liked reading about the mistakes and also whatever our reasons many of us may have of sometimes being apart from our siblings. My brother, Jimmy, was very like Gary in that aspect with not displaying too much emotion nor was he always wanting to receive it. He and I were also apart for many years. Jimmy also died from Cancer...tongue and jaw. You were lucky you were able to have daily visits with Gary, especially the last week of his life. I too was able to do that with Jimmy and I was so grateful.

Each page in this book showed a different variety of many emotions...happiness, some laughter, sadness, hope and most of all We follow you through your stages of grief and also love and happiness you have for your brother Gary, Barbara and your family ... like you wrote...especially with the emotion of grief.... you discover that all emotions repeats itself over and over because that is what happens with it. Grief bounces you all over the place. You also wrote that while grief will always be lessens and does gets better because you somehow find a way to cope with it. That will help others.  As you said, it is not a book just about grief, it is also a love story. A soul mate story. It’s also a story about courage, faith and survival. It’s a book about never giving up. It’s a book about living life each and every day to its fullest. It’s about encouraging others. It’s about “looking into a person’s spirit and soul to see the real them”.

Dave, I will be using many of your actual words in my review, I put them in quotations. Smiles From Heaven was excellent and I highly recommend it. I am looking forward to reading your other two.

I loved that you wrote that Grief is different for everyone, everyone all handles it in their way , it is theirs and theirs alone..there is no right nor wrong way.  You showed to “Rejoice in our happiness and love. True Love never lives on forever in our hearts and souls.  “Angels walk among us on earth and if you look close enough you will be able to see their wings” and that “ God wants to care and love one another. “

Dave....I enjoyed reading about your Barbara and her hobby of love for life and people. You are the best part of each other, you made the best team, yes, you are married to an angel ..on earth and in Heaven. I loved knowing that by you writing and talking to her is “your connection to Heaven.”  You also need to know that you have saved Barbara on a number of occasions with the hospital. How you proved to “Always stick up for yourself and go with your instincts ...because you may be right”. And you were right.  You also showed how to “let go of the sorrow and remember to embrace the love you shared. Try to look at the positive side of things rather than the negative”.  Dave...You found your inner peace... and Barbara knew how much you loved her. She was your hero and you were hers.

“Love, pure and sincere external love. True love never dies”...

“The best part of me was you. Together forever” 10:22 ~ Barbara Yonkin-Bozon


This book is a must read for anyone who has loved and lost. David does an amazing job sharing the love he developed for his soul mate (makes you feel like it's a real life Titanic Jack & Rose experience with love deep as the ocean). I love the way he shares the stories of his love for her and some of their experiences together. I had a hard time putting this book down when I started reading it because it truly captivates your interest. I recall ’watching this couple when I was younger from the porch next door' (at my Grandparents) and just having an admiration for what they shared. It was something that seemed genuine and beautiful, and something I longed to have when I grew up and was married someday. To read this story all these years later, I'm captivated even more knowing that true love still does exist and this couple was blessed enough to share a great love experience.   

David is real and transparent with his feelings. He also shares about the loss of his brother and how it impacted his life. By the time you're done reading this book you really start to want to grab a hold of your heart to examine what is inside...are you showing the ones you love that you love them, and do you live life to the fullest because nothing is promised to us for tomorrow? David also has a faith that keeps him strong - are you carrying that hope as  well? If you aren't why not?  

Though our grief is real, and always there with us 'Smiles From Heaven' brings hope in tomorrow. It's okay to feel our grief the way we need to, each in our own way, and each day as it comes. Our loved ones are smiling down on us waiting for the day we join them in our heavenly home. Thanks David for sharing this journey you've been through and still walking through. 

Can't wait for your next book!  ~  Kristi  Lyons


I personally know this author and my husband and I supported him through the loss of his beautiful wife. He would post his feelings on Facebook and I was one of many people that told him that he should turn this into a book. He bears his heart to the reader and you can't help but to become a part of the feelings that he is feeling. THIS BOOK IS A MUST READ!! Even though I had read many of the Facebooks posts before it was turned into a book I could not put this book down until I had read all of it!!  ~  Sharon  Carpenter


This was a very good book. I felt like I was going thru what the writer was going thru. I cried tears when reading this book and I understood what the author was trying to come across in his message. Thank you for writing this book. ~  Patsy  Oliver


This is a great book! It’s a book you don’t want to put down and will find yourself rereading it. I highly recommend the purchase.  ~  Anna  Walter


This is an excellent book to read. I had read many of the authors Facebook post and found them to be inspiring. Dave wears his heart on his sleeve. The expression of love and devotion to his wife and family is heart warming. Dave’s dog Angel is appropriately named. I admire his love and dedication to this day to his late wife Barbara. Hats off and congratulations on the first book. It will remind you that true love never dies and is so hard to find.  ~  Debbie  Pulz


 I was blessed to know Barb before she passed away. This book is such a tribute to her and the eternal love she and her husband share. It helps you understand the grieving process. I would highly recommend it for anyone who is dealing with losing a loved one. Not to mention, a love story.  ~  Sandra  Coghlan

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This is a BEAUTIFUL book from start to finish !  ~  Amanda Bell

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I knew I had to buy this book. I received it yesterday. I say down today to begin, and ended up reading it all in one sitting! It is a beautiful, loving tribute to true love, courage & strength. I cried with you Dave, through the entire book. I remember Barb as always smiling too. I wish things were easier for you both, but she left a legacy of love. Thank you for sharing your amazing courage, and your endless love.  ~  Darlene Dorfman

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  PURE LOVE!

 This is such a beautifully written book. My Uncle wrote this book and to see the strength and love behinds his words has made my Aunt's passing easier to deal with. Not a day goes by that I don't think about her, I can still hear her voice even. If you are looking for the raw truth of losing a loved one to cancer and how to deal and process these feelings, I highly suggest this book. Knowing you are not alone is comforting.  ~  Veronica Cupelo


This book will make you believe in love everlasting. Or refresh that belief if you have forgotten. It will make you want to be more gentle, more patient and most of all grateful. Mr. Bogart wears his heart on his sleeve, proving that a man can be tender as he is strong. He proves that love surpasses all.~  Michelle Jollie

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Dear David - I just completed reading your book and found such comfort in A LOT of things you write. In addition, I related to your story so much as I too lost my best friend, soul mate, spouse (husband Bob) to cancer in November 2018. Like you, if not for my beautiful children and grandchildren by my side each day, I don't know how I could have gotten this far. We just came back from our first summer vacation without him, it hit me hard today when I came home to an empty house. I related to your caption about your feelings of failing your wife when losing the battle to cancer. I was his advocate, partner, wife and care giver who loves him more than life. I too researched all there was out there every day hoping to find that hospital/doctor that would find the cure. HOPE is the ultimate word when going through this awful disease and when you love someone that much it gets you through to the next day.  You hang on to those good days and make them memorable ones as I know you spoke about often. I miss him every moment of everyday and know he is also with me but it doesn't make those little important moments any better. It really is the simple things like watching a special movie/show on TV and laughing together or that special look and smile that you hang on to for a lifetime. I don't know what the next months or years will bring but I take one day at a time and just hope things get a little easier. I don't believe time heals as you don’t just forget 40 years of true love you shared with your best friend. He will be in my heart forever as I know your wife Barb is with you. Thank you for writing this book as it made me feel good to relate with someone else who went through the same ordeal and understands the journey. They are healthy and smiling with their family members, I truly believe that. I too lost a brother last year in February. HE and Bob were very close and I know Bob is taking care of him along with my Dad. God Bless ...looking forward to reading your next book.  I believe that many people will find comfort knowing our story. I believe life is like a puzzle and as my daughter so graciously stated on Facebook following our vacation..."although we had a missing piece to our puzzle, we hope we made you proud Dad by visiting all your favorite places" Bob was an avid 1,000 piece puzzle maker and loved the challenge it brought. I saved most of them and framed some along the way. I have one very special hanging in my kitchen, one that depicts our dream of retiring by the shore with two Adirondack chairs near a house looking over the ocean. This is where he will wait for me and where we can be together again forever.  lHe often signed cards with Love, your Soulmate. I thank God for bringing us together and now I have our beautiful children that will carry on this legacy! Have a wonderful day! ~  Claire Allen

From the narrator of the Smiles from Heaven audiobook.  Hi Dave, I’ve finally uploaded chapters 1-5. I’m currently recording 10, and anticipate wrapping up all of the recordings in the next day or two. Then all that is left is the editing. On a personal note: I have a sister in-law who lives in Maryland, and is going through her own battle with cancer. They keep things to themselves, so I’m not sure how they are doing, but I’m gaining some welcome insight into how I might help my brother, should her body give up. It’s been a pleasure (although emotional) narrating this book for you. Let me know if you find anything I need to fix in the recordings. Thank you!  ~  Paul Curtis

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  My friend David Bogart and his book, Smiles from Heaven. I have finished reading the completed product. I love that you included the dream. If only more people realized that those dreams are visitations. Sent to bring us comfort, joy and even to teach. (I've had LOTS of the 'teaching' ones!) Her smile is contagious. I love the  pictures! Would have liked more though. And who knew you were a poet! AND a good one!   Yes, I've always liked you and have considered you a friend, even though you were my brothers best friend, but that has NOT clouded my feelings for this book. I believe it's important. I hope my Facebook friends buy a copy. The book is not 'depressing'. But it is real. Moments of laughter do abide. I cried the hardest when you spoke of the joy you got from making her a cup of coffee. Some would say it's a little thing. There are no 'little things' when the feeling behind it is such.  I have known that kind of love. It lives w/in me still.  Well done Mr. Bogart.  ~  Michelle Jollie

⭐️⭐️⭐️ The genre of memoirs is not a very popular one these days. Horror and romance are read with much more frequency and are just as quickly forgotten. But memoirs are different. Such writing requires a commitment from the reader and if that commitment is made, the reward is a shared memory, a story of remembrance that will stay with the reader long after the last page is turned.

So it is with "Smiles From Heaven". The author, in writing this memoir, shares with the reader the love and grief he experienced with his wife during her battle with cancer and subsequent death. As with all memoirs, there is a very personal exposure of a range of emotions. The stages of grief, so sadly well known to most of us in our own personal lives, are revealed here, from denial to anger to acceptance and all those stages in between.

What sets "Smiles From Heaven" apart from the more familiar memoirs such as Death Be Not Proud" (required reading when I was in high school) is the format that the author has chosen. Instead of the traditional approach of a narrative that is more reflective in style, Bogart's memoir is comprised primarily of Facebook posts in real time. That is, the reader experiences his emotions as it happens, raw and unedited. The turmoil and sense of loss comes in the present, rather than in reflections tempered by time. 

I would recommend "Smiles From Heaven" to anyone who has lost a a spouse or loved one, or who is seeing someone go through a terminal illness, or for those who wish to delve a little deeper into the human condition we all share.  ~  Marc Space

I have been wishing for and have been constantly annoying, oh I mean encouraging, Dave to write a book for a number of years.). I am so thrilled that he finally did! He has the incredible gift of words that flows so effortlessly through his mind and into his hands as he types his pages.  You can relate to and actually feel what he writes.... his joy, his sorrows, his determination. If you at a loss for words and can’t express your feelings ...his books will help. Dave is just brilliant and extremely humble, you can feel his love for his soulmate, Barbara...his children, his grandchildren, his friends and for life in general. When things got tough, he never gave up....Barbara’s spirit always encourages him.  Dave is an true inspiration to so many ....more than he realizes and I feel what he writes will help others. I am so happy for Dave that he wrote these books..I can see a movie one day in the future.  Good job David! You were meant to do this! We all have a reason and a purpose in life to be here on Earth....This is your destiny..and your purpose. It has always been there for years, you just needed to find the right time to let it be discovered. Barbara will always unfold her wings and embrace you...she will always keep you safe, protected and always loved.  Much love and hugs to you my friend.  ~  Barbara Yonkin-Bozon

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ They even deliver Smiles from Heaven in the Middle East!! Thanks for your support Meredith,  I  hope you enjoy your Smiles.. AMAZON DELIVERS ALL OVER THE WORLD!!  This is really a beautiful love story that has brought me to tears. I knew Barb, but even for someone who didn't, you can appreciate this love story. This book is a must read for anyone dealing with grief or who needs words of encouragement and support while dealing with a difficult situation in their relationship. It's a good reminder of what love means and to appreciate the people in our lives.  ~  Meredith DS

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I am reading Smiles from heaven. This Is a totally awesome book. It helped me to understand my grief, this is a very healing story. Having a hard time putting it down. You have expressed every moment of grief that I have experienced and still do even after 12 years. Know that what you are feeling is normal and healthy. Thank you so much for sharing your story.  ~  Alice Marie Hamlin

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  I read Smiles from Heaven in a day, couldn't put it down. A story of great love, and great loss. My son ordered, In A blink Of An Eye for me today. Can't wait to read it. Hope all is well with you. Keep writing!!! ~  Debbie Torres

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Dave did an excellent job with his recently released book! I couldn’t put it down as it was thoroughly a great read. Thanks Dave for a wonderful read. Can’t wait for the next one. 👍👍 ~  Sylvia Walsh

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ There are no words to describe how deeply the book touched me. You had an amazing relationship, with an amazing woman. You really were a blessed man.... and Barbara continues to shine in your eyes! ~  Patti Carter-Kiley

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I have already read your beautiful book! I re-read some parts. It brought back some memories of the good ole Grandway days with a few tears. It gave me food for thought about some of my own feelings, issues, and heartaches, but also gave me re-newed hope and inspiration. Thanks for opening your heart and sharing all that you did with others! God bless you for the great person, father, grandfather, brother-in- law, friend and loving husband you were and are! Hold your head high and be proud for you truly are one of the good guys! I know Barb is looking down on you and yours and smiling proudly. What a beautiful tribute your book was to her too! Continue to share! You're a good writer! ~  Roberta Pike-Dumais

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ You are a man's man. You're big and tough. And you have made it ok for a man to speak words of endearment, tenderness and weep. It takes more strength to cry than not. You have written your story in a way that other men might learn from it. For women it can show how they're SUPPOSE to be treated. You and Barbara had the kind of love that the poets write about. To go on in your life and battle forward without sinking into the depths of despair and REMAINING there is a testament to the love you two shared. It's your love for each other that keeps you strong.   I like the rhythm. The flow. I like how you give the reader a momentary break from the 'reality' with a poem or advice. Advice much needed and you explain it well. You go into the detail rather than just saying 'be your own advocate'. You explain HOW. No emotion, moment or thought is denied to the reader. The occasional pause with humor is a break from the reality. 'Little' things (of which you and I know that 'little' things aren't really little), glimpses of heart wrenching agony and regrets. Nothing is left to the imagination and that makes it perfect. I can't say enough. It is a guide for the living and for the grieving. Well done. I want to purchase your book when it's ready even though I'm reading it now. The world needs this book. ~  Michelle Jollie

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I just finished reading the book. It was a well detailed, written book. I give it 5 stars, and two thumbs up. I would recommend this book for everybody that lost a loved one. ~   Margot  State

I also read the book from cover to cover and back again. It touched my heart and soul.The author wrote from his heart and shared so much about loving,caring and sharing.I have always believed in the power of true love It has no boundaries or limits.People come in and go out of our lives everyday, some leave a lasting impression. Others' names are forever etched in our hearts Barb's name is forever etched on Dave's heart! Both were blessed to have each other in their life! A great blessing indeed! ~ Unknown

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Dear David - what you have done was very brave indeed; speaking from your heart for all to hear during your journey as caregiver for your wife and after she had passed! Grief is also a journey and you did what made sense to help you cope with the loss of someone as special as Barbara the love of your life! Just know I found your book comforting and would recommend it to anyone that has lost their true soulmate in life like I did nine months ago! I agreed with all your sentiments and found comfort knowing I wasn’t the only one that felt like standing on the highest mountain proclaiming what I truly felt about losing someone so special to cancer. You would do anything for them and when it doesn’t work out they way you expect all the guilt comes pouring back on you! I came to believe that is was in our journey of HOPE for them that we found our own strength to carry on for our families now who love us very much! And knowing they will always be around us helping get through some of the pain! Thank you for sharing your most intimate thoughts, just know it was an important part of my healing process! Much luck to you don’t ever give up writing or helping people that is what it is all about !  ~  Claire Allen

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  SMILES FROM HEAVEN reminds me of the song from LOVE STORY. A simple love between two people that gave each other so much in their life together. Anyone who reads this will see it. The love Dave and Barb have for each other will go on forever. ~ Virginia Ferraro




What  is  the  book,  IN  THE  BLINK  OF  AN  EYE  about?

Sometimes in life we take things for granted. We see what others go through and never stop to think about what we would do if we were hit with the same obstacle. How would we handle it? Are we prepared for anything that could happen? Most times I believe we become too complacent with our life. This book is an eye opener for sure and proved one thing to me. I was not ready.

I was not ready mentally, physically or financially for an unforeseen event that has changed my life. When I explain to others what happened to me, most could not believe it. I couldn’t believe it. The best way that I could explain it was to make the comparison to riding the rails of a rollercoaster.

Reading this book will show you one thing. NEVER GIVE UP! The book is a story that shows the importance of the love of a family for their dad. It will also instill the power you can have to overcome difficult obstacles by staying positive!  ~  David  A.  Bogart,  Author

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE is an awesome story of determination, faith and family that one man has to overcome medical and financial emergencies. Using the idea of a rollercoaster is genius as we all have or will have our own roller coasters in life. It is how we face those challenges is important. This book tells us how this man faced the ride of his life!! Couldn't put the book down until I knew the ending. ~ Debbie Torres

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  The courageous battle of one man's fight for his life. How his children stepped up to the plate and hit a home run is testament to his character and that of his beloved wife who he lost to cancer only a few years before. His candid and at times amusing description is most definitely worth the read!  ~  Honoring  the  Light

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  I just finished reading this book and it is heart wrenching what this man went through in 2018. He shows throughout the book that Faith and the love of friends and family will get you through no matter what. This is a must read because it is true that your life can change In The Blink Of An Eye!  ~  Sharon  Carpenter

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  GREAT BOOK! Just got done reading it. I would recommend this book to everybody. Well done David. Can’t wait to read your next book.  ~  Margot  State

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  Just read IN THE blink OF AN EYE from cover to cover on my 4 hr flight to Vegas! Great book! Wishing you a healthy year and life! ~ Penny Cooper O’Connor


In 'In The Blink Of An Eye' David shares some of his life experiences. We all have those times when it seems nothing goes right...and when will the marathon end. David shares some of his experiences that make you realize we just aren't alone in having those times. With our faith in God, the love our family & friends, and determination we get through it! It's that book you need when you can't see daylight...and realize you aren't alone. We all go through the rollercoaster journeys at times (just some worse than others). ~ Kristi Lyons


I read this book and it keeps you on edge as to what can happen next....good read ~ Patsy Oliver


Honor Thy Mother

Original title, Onora tua Madre

What  is  the  book  Honor  thy  Mother  about?

As children and adults, we all grow up within our own familiar neighborhoods. We walk by homes every day without a thought about what may be happening inside them. Onora tua Madre is an Italian phrase that means Honor your Mother. The story starts in the time of WWII in Italy and ends with a completely different type of war in the United States, the war of domestic violence.

Onora tua Madre is about the war of domestic family and spousal abuse. This is a true story about my mother and the battle she fought against my father. This is a story as seen from my eyes from the time I was a young boy. This was a battle that was kept silent for too long, the length of my mother’s life.

It is a story that was on my bucket list. I always felt the need to expose how domestic violence affects families. This type of violence could be around you today and you wouldn’t even know it. You see, those of us involved become very good at hiding it. We make excuses for all types of things. It changed me, my brother and my sister as we all reacted to that abuse in our own ways.

My mother was a saint who fought the toughest battle of us all. Onora tua Madre is a book is dedicated to my love for my mother and her memory. This book Onora tua Madre, is the original first edition.  Honor  thy  Mother  is  the  same  book  with  english  title.  ~  David  A.  Bogart,  Author


A great book!  ~  Sara


What his mother endured through her life was quite the journey, I couldn’t put down this book. This is a very good read!   ~  Patsy Oliver


A no holds bar, unashamed account of his mother's life before her marriage and the course of her life thereafter. It's a brave and tender story of domestic abuse. He includes lessons learned and how he broke the cycle of violence. A most incredible feat on it's own.  ~  Michelle Jollie


Onora Tua Madre is the story of David's beautiful mother Celestina. A woman who her life began in Italy, and then moved to America (where to her the streets were of gold). A woman who despite the obstacles of life and abuse managed to raise a beautiful family. Celestina was that woman who rose above what could have been victim-hood...and showed her children and grandchildren how to be victorious despite what life deals you. A woman I will always admire. I had the privilege to know her personally...and never saw her without a smile. Celestina's life was proof that we can have joy at all times.  ~  Kristi Lyons


I purchased Onora Tua Madre and got to Chapter 2 and all kinds of things were happening in my life and I had to set it down. This last Sunday I was able to visit the author of this book for one of his Coffee Talk sessions which are always so much fun to attend. I went home and I shut down everything around me and I finished this book in a short period of time! Once I started reading I did not want to put it down.

It is the story of his mother and the abuse that she suffered at the hands of her husband. However, it does not stop with just the sad truth of abuse. When you are done reading this book you will have the tools to recognize the signs of abuse and to act on it. This was David A. Bogart's 3rd book and all 3 are worth you taking the time to read them.

My message to David is "KEEP ON WRITING!!" ~ Sharon Carpenter

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  GREAT BOOK!

Great book of an amazing Italian immigrant who came to America thinking the streets were paved of gold. This book is an eye opening story that everyone should read. I cried at the hardships she faced and shared laughter many times. It is so important that we honor our mothers and this book showed me just that. I was so glad I had the chance to read this story. ~ Kim Bogart




What  is  the  book  HOME  IS  WHERE  MY  HEART  IS  about?

This whole thing started with hearing and reading negative comments about where I live. The comments created the feeling that a prizefighter gets after getting knocked down to the canvas. While sitting there, the fighter contemplates staying down to lose the fight or get up and defend themselves. The decision that I made was to stand up and defend what I believed in.

In the old day's families settled in the area where they were born. That was just the right thing to do. Today, things have changed as we have become much more of a mobile society. That is totally understandable however it’s important to never forget where you came from. I never believed that speaking badly about anything was good for your soul, especially about your hometown.

So, I got up from that canvas to defend the place that I love. That place is Binghamton in New York. The place where I grew up, the place where my wife and I raised our family. I learned many things about this city while writing this book. Things that I always seemed to be too busy to be bothered to learn in my younger years. I learned about people that came here long ago that cared about others, their families and most importantly the children. What these people did for me and this area created a deep feeling of pride. I can only describe it as a feeling of being home.

HOME Is Where My Heart Is and my heart is in Binghamton, NY.  ~  David  A.  Bogart,  Author


Once I started it I could not put it down. The book took me back to my youth 78 yrs ago. Most of the things the author talked about, I remember as a child. I remember going to Ross Park to see all the wild animals, especially the monkeys, and then as a treat would ride the merry go round. Fun days for a child growing up in Binghamton. 

Memories of fishing for carp and catching them in the Chenango River. Then there was a house I tried to sell the fish too, she would always say, “get those smelly things out of here!” All I wanted was just a nickel for them. A lot of memories went through my head while reading this book! Of all the things I read I am very lucky to have grown up here!

I have just one more thing to say about the book, it was so good to read, I am going to read it again just in case I missed something! ~  David  Lindsey

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ GREAT  READ!

I grew up in Binghamton and still have my family there. I moved a couple years after graduation but have always considered Binghamton home. Everything described in this book I either remember, some buildings by other names, and loved being transported back in time. Would definitely recommend this book, found out things I didn't even know. Great read. ~ J. Delvillano