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Smiles from Heaven


Smiles from Heaven is a story of love between my wife Barbara and I. Follow the growth of our love from the very beginning to the untimely end. The book takes you to the relationship with my brother Gary as well. Barbara and Gary left us within four months of each other.

Read about their struggles with cancer and more importantly the way they handled a disease that they both knew would be difficult to beat. This book provides a great insight on their thoughts and actions throughout this difficult time for them. Learn the lessons they taught us about living and not the sadness of death.

Follow the path of grief that I went through over a seven year period. How losing Barbara affected my life. Much of the book consists of posts that I made on Facebook that provide a trail of that grief we can all learn from. This book is emotional and inspirational in nature. It will move you towards a better life.



IN THE blink OF AN EYE is a story about one year in my life that events happened I never saw coming. An undetected and difficult to diagnose infection entered my body in  multiple  places  with no warning. 

The year was filled with so many surprises including a near death experience that was avoided only by the grace of God. This will give you a great insight to the feelings I went through and the positive attitude that prevailed.

This surprise infection affected my life in so many ways, not only physical, but also financial as well. I was forced into selling my business and enter into early retirement. It was also the events that gave ma a jump start into writing. 

“Always look both ways!”

Onora tua Madre


Onora tua Madre is the life story of Celestina Coianiz. Although you do not know her, this story can give you several lessons about life. This is an inside look of a person who came to America from Italy after World War II. She expected much more from America that she ever received. This is the story of my mother’s life and how she struggled through the abuse that she never imagined.

To many this may seem like just another story about domestic abuse. However it’s important to see how others handle it, in this case how she handled it. At times I even questioned her thought process. When I found out why, it was clear why she stayed.

This is also a story of how a mother truly gave all and did all for her children. Her only concern was for us children and our safety. Although it makes me sad to look back at the life she had, I know it was rich from our love.

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Events  and  people have  inspired  me  to  start  writing.  Losing  my  wife  to  cancer  was  my  original  trigger.  However,  there  are  many  other  things  that  have  happened  to  allow  me  to  share  my  thoughts.  We  learn  from  each  other.

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My  writing  was  also  influenced  by  many  people  in  my  life.  There  comments  and  opinions  influence  my  work. I  encourage  others  to  ask  me  questions  anf  if  I  can  I’m  happy  to  offer  advice.

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